Address: 2 Lenina Street, Loyev, Gomel Oblast, the Republic of Belarus, 247095

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The central square
The central square
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In the region there are 12 clubs, 13 libraries, a children's music school and two of its branches / in the agro-town of Uborok and the settlement of Byvalki/, the museum of the Battle of the Dnieper, the crafts center in the village house of culture of Uborok. Six amateur groups of the region have the title of national.

The Loyevsky Museum dedicated to the Battle of the Dnieper presents exhibits illustrating the events of the Great Patriotic War, the partisan movement in the Loyevsky region in 1941-1943, the crossing of the Dnieper and the liberation of the region by the troops of the Central Front under the command of General Konstantin Rokossovsky in the autumn of 1943.