Address: 2 Lenina Street, Loyev, Gomel Oblast, the Republic of Belarus, 247095

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The central square
The central square
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The region numbers 10 agricultural companies, of them 5 are agricultural production cooperatives, 5 municipal agricultural unitary companies. The JSC Loyev Agrotekhservice is the region’s major agricultural company.

The total area of Loyev Agrotekhservice agricultural fields makes up 41,246 hectares, including 21,176 hectares of the arable land.

All farms specialize in meat and dairy production.

Over the last 5 years the region’s farms purchased 40 tractors of different modifications and 31 grain harvesters.

The gross yield of grain and leguminous plants in 2005 reached 27,2 thousand tons (127.4 per cent to the 2004 harvest), the average crop capacity – 26,2centners per hectare.

The gross milk production over the 8 months 2005 amounted to 12,249 tons, i.e. 2,242 kilos per head, which is 533 kilos more than in 2004.