Address: 2 Lenina Street, Loyev, Gomel Oblast, the Republic of Belarus, 247095

Phone: +375 2347 4 22 10


Bank of the Dnieper River
Bank of the Dnieper River
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The medical network includes a central regional hospital with 115 beds, a nursing hospital with 20 beds, 4 rural dispensaries and 13 obstetric dispensaries.

Today great attention is paid to out-patient treatment which gives an opportunity for a patient to stay with his/her family and significantly cut expenses. The Loyev regional out-patient department has a day-time in-patient department for 25 beds; there are five day-time beds in the Uborok rural dispensary, five beds – in the Peredelka dispensary, 2 beds – in the Karpovka dispensary and 3 beds – in the Byvalki dispensary.

The region’s medical personnel total 29 physicians and 138 nurses. The demand for physicians is satisfied by 81 per cent, that for nurses – by 100 per cent.