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Bank of the Dnieper River
Bank of the Dnieper River
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25 November 2021

Question: What benefits are provided to the investor when concluding an investment agreement?

After the conclusion of the investment contract, the investor has the right to:
- provision of a land plot included in the list of plots for the implementation of investment projects without an auction. Registration of the necessary documents for the allotment of a land plot is carried out simultaneously with the execution of construction works in the presence of an act of choosing the location of the land plot (if, when withdrawing and providing a land plot in accordance with the legislation, preliminary approval of the location of its placement is carried out) and project documentation approved in accordance with the established procedure for the construction object (for separate stages of construction).
- construction of facilities provided for by the investment project, with the right to remove flora objects without making compensation payments for the cost of the deleted flora objects.
The wood obtained in this case is sold in accordance with the procedure established by law. In addition, when implementing an investment project, the investor is exempt from:
- payment for the right to conclude a lease agreement for a land plot leased without an auction for the construction of facilities provided for in the investment agreement;
- land tax or rent for state-owned land plots. At the same time, this benefit applies to land plots provided for the construction of facilities provided for in the investment agreement from the first day of the month in which the investment agreement entered into force until December 31 of the year following the year in which the last of the facilities provided for in the investment agreement was put into operation. Upon termination of the investment agreement due to non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by the investor (investors) of their obligations under this agreement, the investor (investors) and the organization lose the right to this benefit from the date of such termination;
- compensation for losses of agricultural and (or) forestry production associated with the seizure of land.