Address: 2 Lenina Street, Loyev, Gomel Oblast, the Republic of Belarus, 247095

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The Dnieper River
The Dnieper River
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Tourism, sport, recuperation

The region’s tourism and sports system includes 1 stadium, 13 gyms, 59 sports facilities.

Thirty-three specialists provide physical training in the region, of them 19 have university diplomas.

The region’s children’s and youth club on physical training incorporates 16 sports sections. All in all the region has 70 sports sections catering for both children and adults.

The amount of urban and regional sports events has been steadily increasing. Every year two regular competitions among the young and adults are held in the region.

For the first time the region’s teams became oblast champions in winter (2004, 2005) and summer (2004) all-round competitions Motherland’s Defender and bronze oblast prizewinners in volleyball (women) - 2004. In 2005 Loyev students’ team won the oblast mini-football competitions. Every year the region’s football team improves its position (17th in 2000 and 4th in 2004).