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Bank of the Dnieper River
Bank of the Dnieper River
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In January-August 2005 retail trade turnover, including public catering, made up Br11204,5 million what in comparable prices 21.4 per cent more than in January-August 2004 against the 112-113 per cent forecast.

The retail trade turnover network made Br10147,7 million, public catering network – Br1056,8 million or in comparable prices 121.5 per cent and 119.3 per cent respectively against January-August 2004.

Retail trade turnover of consumer cooperation companies in January-August 2005 made up Br8644,0 million and grew by 19.4 per cent as compared to January-August 2004.

Foods and non-foods accounted for 72.5 per cent and 27.5 per cent respectively of the total retail turnover (in January-August 2004 – 71.9 per cent and 28.1 per cent respectively).